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Get open with dialog when opening Windows drives?

Recently, I had been facing this problem on all the virus hit systems on one of my client’s network. The problem was that I was getting the “Open With” dialog every time I double clicked any drive in My Computer. I had to select Internet Explorer from Open With dialog to open the drives. One of my friends came up with an idea and it worked great. The idea was to create a blank autorun.inf file in the drive having problems. And it was perfect .. now I can open all my drives (after placing the blank autorun.inf in the drive) by double clicking them.

To make a blank autorun.inf, open notepad and Save As “autorun.inf”. Place the autorun.inf in the affected drive.

Having the same problem? Did this trick solve your problem or you had a better solution? Share your experiences.

UPDATE: Please use the following DOS command for the ease of deleting the autorun.inf file.
C:\>attrib -S -H -R C:\autorun.inf
C:\>del /F C:\autorun.inf
Replace C with your drive that you want to disable autorun of.

Update: See our Ravmon Virus Killer post for an automated
solution to this problem.

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